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Del av uppsats på min pluggdag

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Här kommer ett klipp ur mi uppsats kring hormoner, neurotransmitter och endokrin systemet (alla körtlar i kroppen som utsöndrar hormoner). En del justeringar kommer säkert göras i arbetet, men såhär ser det ut än så länge.

"Hormones are secreted from the glands of the endocrine system and are having many different functions within the body. It is necessary for controlling the body and communication within the test tube to maintain homeostasis. Hormones can be secreted directly into the blood or it can be secreted to the extra cellular fluid (outside of the cells), which is then transported to the correct receptor. PGs are a hormone-like substance which is formed where it is needed, which mean it is not transported around the test tube. The hormones and PGs are working with the central nervous system, it is the CNS that is sending information to a specific site of what hormone to produce and secrete. Both of these systems enable communications between cells around the test tube. When the nervous system is sending information, it does this with neurotransmitter while the endocrine system (and each gland) does it with hormones. Hormones are long lasting and working slowly, neurotransmitter is doing the opposite.  

Hormones can be classified in two different ways; either depending on they function or by their structure. If classified according to their function they are: sex hormone (reproductive tissue), tropic hormone (stimulate growth and secretion in other glands) and anabolic hormone (building molecules of atoms). If they are classified according to their structure they are either a steroid hormone or a non-steroid hormone. Steroid-hormones are lipid soluble hormone and have a nucleus of cholesterol (fat), while a non-steroid has a nucleus of amino acids

Prostaglandins (PGs) is a hormone-like chemical which are lipid-based and short lived. They are produced by controlled oxidation of unsaturated EFAs, with the help of enzymes. There are a lot of different types of PGs, but they can be divided into a series, PGE1, PGE2 and PGE3. Where PGE1 and PGE2 are formed from the omega 6 EFAs, while PG3 are formed from omega-3 EFAs. The PGE2 are a “bad guy” but as long as PGE1 is formed the formation of PGE2 is suppressed.  PGE3 is also suppressing the function of PGE2."

Test tube=kroppen



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