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Information kring luft-bytet hos ett känt flygbolag

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Hej hej,
Jag skrev ett inlägg i oktober om att jag blivit sjuk med hosta och halsont, efter att ha åkt flyg mellan England och Sverige, läs inlägget här. Hur som helst skickade jag ETT mejl till Ryanair, SAS och Norwegian och frågade hur deras luftsystem fungerar på deras flygplan, hur ofta luften byts och hur ofta dom byter filter. Nedan ser ni mitt mejl till företagen och under det ser ni svaret från Norwegian. Detta bolag var det ända företag som jag fick svar från. Vill dela med mig av svaret.
Hi Ryanair, SAS and Norwegian air

I am writing you in regards to the airsystem you are using on your plans. I was recently travelling with one of your companies and the air was sooo dry, my throat started to scrattch and now I have been sick for 7 days with cough, chest pain and sore throat. I heard that  people got less sick when smoking on air plans was allowed as the air was changed more often, compare to now. I am therefore interested in your air system so that I in the future can make an easier choice of what company to fly with.

If one normal breath of air is 2 litre, and we have the space of maybe 100 litre. So that is 50 breath, before we are breathing the other passengers air. So, my question is, how often are the airplanes empting the old air and sending in new one? Every second minute, every 10th minute, once an hour? And at the same time I am interested to know how often you are changing the airfilters on each plan? have they ever been changed? I am wondering as this should be were all the bacteria is trapped, and the filter will be very sluggish if not changed often enough.

I would really appreciate if you can forward my e-mail to the correct person if you can't help me.

Regards Sabine J Öhlen
Hi Sabine.

Thank you for your inquiry and I am sorry for late response.

The air in the cabin is changed every 3 minutes. The air filters are replaced regularly by manufacturer's maintenance program, Norwegian has a maintenance contract for all our new B-737 with Lufthansa. Our new long-haul B-787 Dreamliner, has a brand new design for lower altitude in the cabin, more moisture in the air that provide an even more comfortable flight.

Med vennlig hilsen/Kind regards
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Norwegian kontaktsenter/Norwegian Contact Center



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