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Disease is a limiting factor in the expression of our full potential as human beings.

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So what are our human potentials? It is when we live without disease and we can use all of our capacity, we are in contact with the universe, and with out own inner wisdom. We experience no fear and are living a life full of love, happiness, courage, calmness and faith. This person are in harmony and vibrancy, wake up every morning and are welcoming the new day, are motivated to find new challenges and make changes, being able to give and receive love & knowledge. We know who we are and what we are capable of. Believe it or not, this is what is possible for us. This is what we call Human Potential; this is who we can become.

Our goal is to reach this potential. If we are connected to the universe (oil, light), if we receive messages (water), listen to ourselves and living our own lives; we know who we are. The way we want to live it without living someone else life or the way other want you to be or live. We are responsible for our own health, or disease, and for our own lives and potentials.

When you take responsibility of your health, test tube and your inner self, in charge of your own motivation of making changes, then you can reach your fullest potential.

When you are changing from dehydrated to being hydrated there are many aspects that are changing. The prospect for day and night exchange is working, we are now able to accept photon of light and there is more movement and vibrancy in the test tube.

Photon of light, rich in electrons can only enter a hydrated body, a body where there is movement; movements with the four electrolytes and also movement of electrons, a charge.  Light generate more movement and vibration, and are connecting us to the universe. A diet of unsaturated fatty acids together with sulphur rich proteins attracts the photon of light and could therefore be introduced to the diet as a help on the way. Helps the potential!

When we are hydrated, have a functioning 24 hour cycle, receiving light and electrons, have a balanced pH and perfect temperature of the test tube we see who we are and understand our inner wisdom. This is the full potential of every human being.

It is also necessary to understand that every thought and every emotion has an impact upon the physical body. Negative emotions and thoughts are translated into disease in the body. While positive thinking and emotions bring healthy vibrations in the body. A healthy test tube starts in the mind, before it can be expressed upon the cells. 

If we are diseased we are not living our own life, or the life we are possible to live. Nothing is functioning as it could and should. Disease have an impact on our soul and mental being, with that I mean self-confidence, motivation, acceptance of happiness, being who we are and who we can be. If diseased, we can be tired, depressed, not believing in the “impossible”, feel fear and stress and feel lost in who we are. All or some of the body’s functions are out of order. This is what disease can do to us, and we have to do everything we can to prevent this state/condition. We need to do our best to reach the fullest potential for your body and soul, that is to eat a natural diet, that is a diet that is correct for you, be hydrated, think positive and understand how the body functioning.

My own feelings, thoughts and reaction to this statement are many. Excitement bubbled up when I read the statement and understood I have to express my own reactions and feelings around it, even if I sometimes have trouble getting my head around my thoughts and get them down on paper. The second, and biggest, reaction on the statement is a feeling of “doubt”. I believe everything to be possible, everything I read is common sense in my head, I understand the course material, but I am that kind of person that needs proof, I want to experience it. I want to see the change start, develop and end, and not just read about it. But I know I won’t be able to experience this until I am further into the course and have started working on case histories. When I think about who I am, who I want to be and how this vary so often. I want to be giving of love, motivated to learn and be happier then ever, at all times. But this varies and I admit that I have asked myself, why do I have to make an effort, should it not just happen? This is the proof that I need, as I mentioned earlier, disease and imbalance does limiting our potential!

Everything in the course material is common sense and that makes me believe in everything I read. Stress in a sick person, or healthy, does limiting the expression of whom we are. Wise verse, the fact that we are not the one we can be, we become more stressed. We have to listen to ourselves and ignore all distractions around us. Otherwise we will listen to everyone else then ourselves and become someone we are not.


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