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En av mina uppsatser (Kolesterol)

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Hej Hej,

Ni kanske minns att jag frågade er för några månader om er åsikt kring kolesterol och vad ni tror anledningen till dess dåliga rykte kan vara, när ryktet var som värst/sämst för 20 år sen ungefär. Jag skrev en uppsats och lovade att lägga upp den här och nu fick jag tillbaka uppsatsen i veckan och betyget blev A. Lika glad som alltid blev jag. Enjoy!

"Homework 2/ Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty substance vital for the body’s many functions; it is needed for the production of vitamin D, for the production of bile as cholesterol is the main part of bile, for steroid hormone and as protection and structure of the cell as it is a part of the cell membrane. Cholesterol is also found in the skin where it protects it against dehydration, by moisturising it and against wear & tear. It is found in every single cell in the body, which shows us its importance.

Twenty-thirty years ago, when I believe the reputation of cholesterol was really bad and in its worst state, the reputation spread as the pest. People heard about something no one heard about before and they got scared, everyone got scared. This happen because the scientist only knew about the bad carrier of cholesterol LDL, which are transporting cholesterol from the liver to tissue. Whereas the good carrier of cholesterol (HDL), is transported in the opposite direction, from tissue to the liver, where it can be used for different purposes in the body. Scientist did not know about the importance of the balance of LDL and HDL, they probably did not know about the HDL at all. But if they did, they did not tell the people of the importance of it, and this is one of the reasons that cholesterol has/had such a bad reputation. HDL and LDL is carrier of cholesterol, but in different directions. I am saying “has/had” because I think the reputation got better and some people are more aware of the good of cholesterol, but I agree that it is not as good as it can get. It is important that we see both sides of cholesterol, both the good and the bad; we will then see the big picture and understand it better.

Another reason cholesterol have (had) such a bad reputation is mainly because of ignorance and lack of knowledge. People and doctors are taken information out of context and interpreting the information wrongly, without seeing the whole picture.  Just like absolutely everything else can be harmful and unhealthy if too much are eaten, it is the same thing with cholesterol. But as cholesterol is seen in every single cell, I think it is seen as more dangerous as it is interfering with every cell and many functions.

The bad reputation could also have to do with companies wanting to sell their product with the help of the bad reputation. I mean “Oil without cholesterol”, there are no cholesterol in vegetable oils as it is from the vegetable kingdom. (Cholesterol are only found in the animal and in products from animals) The only way it can be cholesterol in butter is if it has been added. This is a way of selling their product. And by incorrect advertising people does not know right from wrong, and do therefore not understand the importance of cholesterol. Unfortunately I do not know how the bad reputation started, but I guess from mouth to mouth and grapevine. I think that old people are convinced easier that something is bad, and often without looking at the whole picture, this because they are more afraid of sickness and care more about their health (generally).

We are seeing high cholesterol levels all the time, everywhere, but never (or not often) low levels. Have you ever had the discussion of low levels of cholesterol, I have not!?  People are therefore only having knowledge of how dangerous it is when high, but not how harmful it can be when it is low. And I think this is one of the reason cholesterol are having/had such a bad reputation. Research is being done on low levels of cholesterol, but nothing is for 100% and for sure.

Remember that not everyone needs to lower they cholesterol level and that it can be as dangerous to lower the levels as raising the levels too high. The body has its own mechanism to maintain a balanced level of cholesterol when we eat a high level, and we need to look at the production of cholesterol in the body instead of the intake of cholesterol in the diet. Sugar and too much calories will produce cholesterol, so will stress (indirectly) as it is producing the stress-hormone adrenalin. I do not think people are aware of the important function and parts cholesterol has on the body and its whole mechanism.

By increasing water and fibre consumption we will lower the “bad” LDL cholesterol, but we also need to reduce the intake of sugars and processed foods and turn to monounsaturated fatty acids instead of saturated and processed fats. Doctors think that a pill called statin/Lipotor reduce the cholesterol level. It probably does, but it does not sort out the balance and homeostasis in the body; it is only curing the symptom instead of the source/root of the problem. This tablet is also inhibiting the production of co-enzyme Q10 in the body, which makes the person having to add another pill to the body instead of just changing the lifestyle to lower the levels to an acceptable level."


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